Stormy Skies

THE STORY BEHIND THE reemergence collection

Here’s my caffeine fueled novella about the collection.

Stormy Skies and Caffinated Giraffe.jpg

My life got turned sideways and everything changed within a few short months. It was almost all wonderful changes but even good change is stressful.

We were in the middle of selling two houses when we decided to start a family and then baby was instantly in the belly. An amazing gift but whoa were we not quiet prepared for it. But then again, are you ever? We moved twice while pregnant. Once to a new (to me) city, bought a new house (so long dreams of renting responsibility-free for a hot minute), my car was crushed by hurricane Harvey so I needed a new (to me) one, and we restarted my husband’s business in the new city.

In the midst of all the changes, I set my art aside. I wasn’t mentally in the peaceful place I like to paint from. Physically I was so very sick the first trimester. The heat made it worse so I had an 11 am curfew for the day. If it wasn’t inside the house by 11, I was a total mess. Even late night walks were too hot. I found out I was allergic to all the foods I liked. Second trimester was amazing and I made a little art once we moved to Dallas and my studio was set up. Third trimester, I swole up like a balloon at the end. Carpal tunnel set in and my fingers were so numb I could barely type let alone hold a brush.  

After faking he was coming 3 weeks early, baby stayed put an extra week past his due date. And then when he was making his arrival, I pushed for 17 hours. Apparently most hospitals only “let you” try for 4. I almost died 3 different ways giving birth. Not really. 2 is probably more accurate. Don’t worry, both of those were at the hospital because, yes, I’m that crazy person who wanted to have a baby at home. And then after all that, they hand you this precious little bundle of amazingness. I’m pretty sure once they handed me the baby, I didn’t put him down for two weeks. 

We had a “fever” at two weeks. It’s in quotes because there’s still debate on if it was a legit fever or faulty thermometer but when all the doctors tell you how he will probably die if you leave the hospital, you stay. 

Since then, I’ve still barely put him down. Little guy and I snuggle all night, I get the best baby hugs and kisses and I have enjoyed getting to be there with him this year. Watching his incredibly smart little brain figure things out. Telling him all the things about how the world works and delighting in those sweet little moments when I see something new click. I love being next to him when he has a scary dream or his teeth hurt and he needs a little extra cuddle. I love seeing his big grin and eyes that twinkle with a joyful yet mischievous smile. Even total strangers light up with joy when he gives them that look.

It might sound like I’m complaining. I’m not.

I’m sharing the “stormy skies” and the wild wave I’ve been riding. 

All that to say, coming back to my art a little before he turned a year was like coming back to myself. That part of myself that stays the same through all the transformations of life, the ups, the downs, the well-rested quiet moments and the delirious sleep deprived crazy ones.  

So, there is my caffeine fueled novel about why these pieces are part of the Reemergence // Stormy Skies Series. They’re all new since having the babe (except for one), and almost all of them were started in 2019.  IT’S SO GOOD TO BE BACK.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for looking at my work. I hope it brings you something. 

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