why I Enjoy Painting them

I see traditional weddings as a fascinating nod to the past.

Once upon a time ago people dined in tuxes and gowns regularly. Their source of light was candles. Listening to music required musical instruments and someone that can carry a tune (not me!). Electricity wasn't commonly in homes until the 1930s, the first radio broadcast of music was in 1906, and the phonograph (the first device to play music from a recording) was invented in 1877.

Historically speaking, that was not that long ago. My dining room table was around before humans could listen to recorded music. 

What used to be ordinary now signifies formality. 

Now a days, when else do you send a snailmail invitation, drape a room in romantic candle light, bust out a tux, put on a gown, wine and dine guests, and dance the night away? 

Personally, I love weddings. I got married a few years ago and am still in the phase of life where there's no shortage of marriages to celebrate. It brings me such pleasure to capture the magic, love, and fun of weddings through painting. 

Well, maybe it’s onto babies and toddlers now but that was true when I originally wrote this ;)

Side note: I don't think anyone needs to have a fancy or formal wedding to have a happy marriage. And that happy healthy relationship is really all that matters, right?!