Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away


Rain Rain Go Away was another piece early on in the Texas Tears series. I’ve kept this in my personal collection for the last 5 years and have decided it’s time to release it into the world.

Texas Tears Series

I’ve always loved the beauty in nature but as a painting, I thought they were not my style. Little did I know.

Then one day, my husband and I were on our way from Austin to Dallas. That’s normally a 3 hour drive. It took us NINE hours to get there. We left without realizing one of those epic Texas storms was on its way.

Although the drive itself was stressful as we kept considering the very real possibility we’d be sleeping in the car, I found such peace looking around at the clouds and the wide open land. There’s just something about an open horizon that makes my heart sing. Read more…

I also share a statement about the environmental consideration behind them here.

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