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I’m Kaitlin, a painter immersed in the world of large moody skies, mysterious female figures, and everlasting floral arrangements.

My goal is providing you with a moment of beauty, peace, and wonder.

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My love affair with landscapes began one day when my husband and I embarked on an epic journey through one of those insane Texas storms. I came home and started painting these cloudy skies with muted colors and movement. My obsession with skyscapes continues today. Read more…



Bringing these mysterious ladies to life is such a joyful and contemplative process. Who are they? What’s their story? Where are they going and what are they turning from? 

These are all created in a single sitting, in a process often feels like what I imagine sculpting to be as I chip away at the dark paint to bring in the light. Read more…



“The earth laughs in flowers.”

I love having fresh flowers around. They bring such beauty and wilt too quickly. I began painting my favorite arrangements so I could keep them forever.

New Work on Instagram

I’m working on keeping my website up to date. To see my newest work, follow along as I create on Instagram @kdmerchant


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