Painting Edges

This used to be one of the most annoying parts of painting for me. And that last thing I did. Then it became the first thing I did. Now, I do it while painting.

Why? If part of your process is annoying you, change it up. Play with it. See if you can make something else about it more fun.

I’m a big believer that if you’re getting to do this beautiful thing and spend your time how you want to, you should try to enjoy as much of it as possible. So now, instead of dreading this part of the painting, I look at it as a fun exploration.

Edges After - Kaitlin Merchant Davison - kdmerchant.JPG

When I painted edges after the painting was finished, I worried that I would dip into part of the painting. I had a hard time finding a color that complimented well and mixing enough of it to make it all the way around the canvas.

Edges Before 1 - Kaitlin Merchant Davison - kdmerchant.JPG
Edges before 2 - Kaitlin Merchant Davison - kdmerchant.JPG

When I painted the edges before the painting, I painted them black. I was feeling particularly unmotivated one day in the studio and decided to just go ahead and get this done so when I was feeling the creative flow, I wouldn’t have to stop.
Blah. Black was too much. It just didn’t feel right. And it left a little on the surface. Even with layers of paint on top, I wasn’t crazy about the look. It still looked messy.

Edges - Kaitlin Merchant Davison - kdmerchant.jpg

Now, I’ve started painting the edges at the same time as the painting as much as possible, and matching what’s on the canvas.

Another reason why I do this is so the edges are smoother when I photograph.

Even if you get it as precise, use tape, have a masterful “cut” on your edges (I’ll have to tell you about how amazing I am at painting walls with no tape another time), the perspective of the camera usually catches just a glimpse of it. It’s something that you wouldn’t notice until you’re looking for it but I see it.

I guess that whole “attention to detail, attention to detail” nagging from my mom finally began to seep in.

Plus, I think it’s a beautiful bonus. It’s not as precisely worked or detailed but it gives this little dose of finished polish that I’m loving.