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Hi, I’m Kaitlin. I’m an artist who loves to paint the beauty found all around in everyday quiet moments. Right now, that’s primarily in the sky. Sometimes it is in colorful everlasting flowers or mysterious female figures.

As a kid, I always enjoyed all the artsy crafty things but art really became part of me in middle school. Some people played sports. I painted. 

My love of creating began long ago with a girl scout cookie. My art teacher taught the class how to layer prisma colors to bring the rich chocolate to life. Layering the reds, purples, and yellows on top of brown. I couldn’t get enough of it and it came with a nice perk too, all those thin mints were gobbled up after drawing.

In college, I studied art and finance because why not? Balance. Feed both sides of that brain. I studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and at the University of Texas in Austin. After college, I had a brief stint working at one of Austin’s largest art galleries.

I spent a good bit of my jobby-job career working with Keller Williams HQ and doing all the nerdy business research. I sold real estate too.

A while back, I said goodbye to corporate life and settled in with my paint brushes. I’m still a real estate broker. I write courses and dip my toes back into research from time to time. Still balancing both sides of that brain.

Last year, I took time off to get alllll the baby snuggles in with my little babe. When I’m not in the studio painting, I’m playing with Little Guy, hanging out with my husband, have my nose buried in a book, relaxing by the pool, baking something sweet, or road tripping off to some quiet adventure. 

This year, I’m going to paint. A lot. And since life has changed my time commitments just a tiny bit since our new addition last February, I’m going to be doing less in person shows and more online releases. Yippie! Can’t wait!

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IMG_4439 res corrected.jpg

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