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Dallas, TX 75244


This website is a platform for Kaitlin Merchant Davison to share, sell, and write about her art and creative endeavors.  Kaitlin is based out of Austin and has spent most of her life living in Texas.  

Shipping Info

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Shipping options

1. Pick your art up at the studio in Dallas, TX.  Creative spaces are interesting to see so if you would like to set up a time to come pick up your painting at the studio, we welcome you to. If ordering through this website, you'll still need to provide a shipping address to process the order. 

2. I will deliver original paintings to you in Dallas.  Usually this can be done quickly.  

3. If you are not in a rush, I frequent Austin and Houston, and can deliver there when in town.

4. If you would like the art shipped, I will charge you the actual cost of shipping shortly after receiving your initial order. If purchasing through this website: You'll be charged $0 initially and we will ship after receiving your payment for shipping. 


Note: you will have to provide a shipping and a billing address for all options, even pickup, if you are placing an order though this website. We know that's a little annoying and cannot change it at this point. Thankfully, there's a check box to duplicate shipping and billing address to make it easier.