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This website is a platform for Kaitlin Merchant Davison to share, sell, and write about her art and creative endeavors.  Kaitlin is based out of Austin and has spent most of her life living in Texas.  

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Full disclosure, I've never blogged before.  I might quickly abandond this but let's give it a try! 


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Keep On and Creative Flow

Kaitlin Merchant Davison

I have a painting called "Keep On."  It's not particularly good but it is particularly important to me.  

Almost any creative will tell you there's a creative flow, a groove, a mindset that we get in when we're doing our best work.  It probably shows slightly different face to each person.  To me, I can physically feel it.  I know when it's happening and I know when I'm doing good work.  And I feel its void when it's gone missing.  

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